How do I turn the Pen on/off?

To power the Pen on & off, tap the tip 5x. The tip will light up when powered on.

How do I change voltages? 

The voltages can be cycled by tapping the tip 3 times. The tip will light up based on voltage selected. 
Light blue - 2.4 v,  Dark blue - 3.2 v,  Purple - 4.0 v

How do I charge my Pen? 

To charge your Pen, remove the cartridge and screw the battery into the provided USB adapter. Do not over tighten. The indicator light on the charger will turn red when charging and green where fully charged. The tip of the Pen will also show the current battery level.
Red,  Yellow,  Green

When the USB adapter and the Pen tip both light up green, the Pen is fully charged.

How will my Pen be shipped? 

All items will be shipped in a discrete, unmarked package to ensure your privacy.

How do I fill/refill cartridges? 

The provided cartridges can be refilled by unscrewing the metal mouthpiece from the cartridge. Using a syringe with a blunt tip small enough to place inside the cartridge, carefully fill with the desired product – we offer a Fill Kit to make the process hassle free. 

How do I use the PuffPen? 

To use the PuffPen, first, make sure it is fully charged. 
Ensure that the Pen is on by tapping the tip 5x. The tip will light up. 
Screw on a 510-thread cartridge. 
Inhale and enjoy!

How does the Pen work? 

There is an air intake at the top of the battery that allows for air flow through the device. When inhaled, an airflow sensor activates the atomizer, which is located at the bottom of the cartridge. Once the atomizer is activated it begins to heat up the liquid in the cartridge, turning it into vapor. The vapor then gets sent up into the mouthpiece to be enjoyed.

How long will my battery last? 

The battery life depends on usage and voltages used. The battery lasts approximately 1-2 days for heavy users; 1+ week for intermittent users. 
The battery typically charges in under an hour.

What type of cartridge can be used with the Pen? 

Any 510-thread cartridge is compatible with the Pen. We have found the exposed wick (plastic) cartridges work best on the lowest setting (2.4 v). Anything higher and you run the risk of burning the wick.

What type of liquid can be used in the Pen? 

With the variable voltage, you are free to use any consistency of liquid you desire. We recommend a higher voltage setting for thicker liquids, and lower setting for thin types.